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Sire: Ch. Ravenside Mystiko
Dam: Ravenside Ramruma

Date Of Birth 10-27-2008

CHIC # 74875



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Ch. Ravenside Mystiko



 Ch. Holmston Freelancer
(Blue & Tan)
Ch. Quatford Kardinal
(Red Grizzle)
Brockhole Bubbles at Quatford
(Red Grizzle)
Ravenside Bella Paola
(Red Grizzle)
Ch. Oxcroft Rogue
(Blue and Tan)
Oxcroft Meg
(Dark Grizzle)


 Ravenside Rumruma

Ch. Tythrop Tapas
Ch. Lyddington Last Super At Risedene
Ch. Tythrop T'Pau
Holmston Good Charlotte At Ravenside
Akenside Rooseter At Talex
Ch. Millburn Meg By Holmston



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