Sandalot Kennel

Welcome to my site.
My name is Cary Simpson and I live in the beautiful state of kentucky where Rolling hills are everywhere. We love to hike and play in the creek with our dogs. Our Samoyeds were our first Breed. I fell in love with the breed about 14 yrs. ago. I got my first one from a Breeder here in Kentucky. Destiny was the love of my life she brought me great joy and showed me why people love this breed. After I finished her Championship she was bred and I decided to keep 2 puppies out of her litter. The number of Sammies quickly grew to 5. The breed exemplifies working along with beauty. I then thought I would like to have another dog to show so I decided on a bit smaller dog so I contacted some people I knew and researched the Border Terrier's. Goodness when I laid my eyes on my first Border I was hooked. I shipped her in from Enlgand and needless to say I was hooked. So now I have the pleasure of owning 2 fantastic breeds. I believe they will receive proper amount of socilization they need to grow up with alot of confidence and be the best companinon they could possibly be. So have a look around at all our pics and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.



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